Can I tell you a secret?

Student 1: Miss, can I tell you a secret?

Me: Are you about to do something illegal?

Student 1: MISS!! No. I get jealous when you help other people.

Student 2: I heard you so your secret’s not a secret anymore! Bwaha!

Student 1 (ignoring Student 1): Really, Miss.

Me: I know you do.

Student 1 (shocked): You do? How did you know?

Me: I can tell how you act when I can’t help you right away.

Student 1: (Nods)

Me: Well, you know, when you say things like that it means that you think you are better than everyone else and deserve help more than anybody else.

Student 1: (matter of factly) That’s true. You should help only me.

Me (laughing): Yeah, I don’t think this is going to work out the way you want it to…

Student 1: But MIIIISSSS!!

Me: Well, let’s try not sleeping through math class and see where that get’s you first…


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