People never assume the truth

People rarely assume the truth.

When they hear my stories, most of the time I get asked what grade I teach and I get to enjoy their shocked expression when I tell them, I teach high school.  Their jaws drop even further when I tell them which high school I teach at… and I’m stuck between amusement at the stereotypes our school can’t get rid of and irritation that they potentially think I’m not “urban high school teacher material.”

I realize that is a jump in logic and probably not what they intended… they probably listen to my stories and think, oh how cute that a 4th grader would say that, but then I crush their preconceived notions and now they see some tattooed thug looming over me.  It’s just not like that!  Sure, there is a gang presence (what public high school doesn’t?  Be honest!) but I haven’t been loomed over since I worked in suburbia.  True story.

I realize that these stories are pretty funny.  Kids to say the darndest things!  But if I was really honest with you, I’d have to admit that some of these stories are actually sad.  Not just because urban youth said it; I’ve mixed in some material from when I worked in suburbia, when I substitute-taught in several districts in all grade levels, and when I tutored at a local learning center. They’re sad because high school students say them.


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