Neck Tatts

This morning I listened as a man poked fun at people who get neck tattoos… especially people who get “Only God Can Judge Me” emblazoned on their necks and upper chests.  They’re pretty common; don’t believe me?  Type it into Google Images to prove me wrong.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

[An aside: I love tattoos and if I could still keep my job, I’d be covered in them.  I have one and I am not ashamed of it; however, when asked, I always caution my students against neck, face, and lower arm/wrist tattoos.  Not because I think they’re wrong, but because the reality is twofold: 1.) at seventeen, do you really know what you want permanently on your body? and 2.) people do judge, whether they have a right to or not and I’d hate to see you lose a job opportunity because you decided to get “Respect” inked above your collarbone or along your forearm.  

They usually listen to me politely and then do what they want… Once I ran into a former student who shared with me that he regretted the wrist tatt of his son’s name since now he has to wear a thick watch or long-sleeved shirts to work.  He told me he wished he’d listened to me when I warned him against the tattoo when he was in high school. (I’m not making that up!)]

Anyway, this whole thing reminded me of a conversation I had with a student before Christmas:

Student (excitedly): Miss! I know what my next tattoo will be!

Me: What is it?

Student (pointing to his neck): I’m going to get “Mrs. Crumpett, I love you!”

Me: You better spell it right!

Student: Yeah! What do you think?

Me: Well, I’d take a picture of it–

Student: (Big grin)

Me: But then I’d openly mock you–

Class: (Raucous laughter)

Me: For getting THAT on your NECK!

Student: But MISSSSSS!! What are you going to do after I graduate?

Me: Breathe a sigh of relief?

Student: You won’t survive without me, you’ll cry everyday.

Me: Oh yeah, you so got that right.


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