Making Shakespeare Proud

Two weeks ago, my English class began learning about Shakespeare.  They were fascinated with the fact that he invented new words — thousands of them!  One gentleman in the back asked me, “How is that possible?!”  I answered a question with a question, “Did you know about ‘twerking’ a few years ago?” Lightbulbs went off around his head (figuratively, of course) and the rest of the class nodded.  

This reminded me of a day about ten years ago when I was the In School Suspension supervisor.  While helping “Alex” with his senior paper, we discovered that “pimp mobile” was in the dictionary.  My disappointment was nothing compared to “Alex’s” delight and he furiously wrote for several minutes.  Then he asked me, “Miss, does ‘mofo’ have one or two ‘f’s??” I looked at him with an expression that screamed “Are you kidding me?!” while calmly explaining that it only had one.

I have to say, his senior paper ended up being a narrative about how Snoop Dog was a super hero.  The usage of pimp mobile and mofo ended up working rather well! Ha!



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