I’m not like you…!

Student: Miss, have you seen this?

Me: No…

<<we watch the video below, of course, I cry>>

Student: So, do you know what it’s about?

Me: I think so…

<<Student interrupts me to explain the video’s message>>

Me: You know (sniffles) that’s true.

Student: Yes (wipes his eyes a few times)

Me: Do you need a kleenex, too?

Student (horrified): Why would I need a kleenex?!

Me: Well, you were wiping your eyes…

Student: I wasn’t crying!

Me: I didn’t say you were–

Student: I’m not like you, I don’t cry all the time.

Me: Ha ha, dude.

Student (suddenly serious): Miss. Someday you’re going to get a surprise.

Me (eyebrows raised): Um… should I be scared or excited?

Student (mischievous grin): You could say that…




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