Tired & Hungry

Student: Miss, I’m tired.

Me (holding out my hand): It’s so nice to meet you, Tired. My name is Alicia. But please, continue to call me “Mrs. Crumpett.”

Student (taking my hand in a weak handshake): Um, Ok…

[not that much later]

Student: Miss, I’m hungry.

Me (throwing my hands up in disbelief): Now wait a minute! How can you be Hungry now, when a minute ago you were Tired?!

Student (taken aback by grandiose hand gesture): Huh?

Me (speaking quickly with mock agitation): You can’t be both Tired and Hungry. I’ve checked my roster, no such student is listed by either name. (adding a touch of panic and fear to my tone) Are you sure you’re in the right class? Are you an intruder? Do I need to call security?!

Student (desperately fumbling for his ID): Look Miss, Look, I’ll show you my ID. I’m in your–wait a minute! That’s not funny!!

Me (smirking): Yes, yes it sure is… 


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