5 Fictionalized Historic Characters…


I found this blog and immediately wanted to make my own list, so in addition to 20 fictional characters I’d want to meet and have a drink with, here are 5 fictionalized historic characters I’d want to meet and have a drink with:

Robin Hood because well, just because.  He’s so cool and heroic… despite the tights! I think his perspective on the Crusades would be ground breaking and I’d love to know what he and the Sherriff and Prince John and King Richard really talked about! Some nice medieval ale wouldn’t be too much to ask for, either!

Dracula from The Historian.  Elizabeth Kostova’s book is fabulous and although he’s portrayed as a sort of devil, the history of it all is fascinating.  I’d want to meet him… but in a very public place where I had either the upper hand or guaranteed diplomatic immunity.  I don’t think I want to see what I know he’s capable of… but I would like to talk to him and see how he would describe himself and his experiences.  I’m not much for drinking blood (haha) but I’m sure he and I could reach a compromise… maybe a smooth Romanian brandy?

Tom Faggus from Lorna Doone.  In my head, highwaymen are sexy and Tom (as portrayed in this awesome story) is so cool and attractive… reckless and dangerous but when he laughs, everyone laughs with him. He’s a Devon legend, who wouldn’t want to share a cider with him?

Buliwyf  from The 13th Warrior/Eaters of the Dead.  The quintessential hero and a Viking to boot… what more could I ask for? I don’t really have to meet him so much as be in the same room as he’s regaling the room with his adventures. And the mead? Maybe I’ll try a sip…

Sgt. Mike Flannigan from Mrs. Mike.  I read this book by Nancy and Benedict Freedman at least 100 times when I was in Middle School (my name was the only one on the check out card from 1991-1994) and I was ecstatic when I finally owned my own copy… an ancient hardback originally published in 1947. I remember Kathy said she could swim in his eyes…  We’d order some whiskey or a nice stout beer, but I’d probably be too twitterpated to drink it!



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