A few years ago, 4/20 landed on a Friday that we had off from school.  The kids were so excited… my colleagues and I were a little baffled.  We’ve all had stoner students and 4/20 has come and gone for many years without such a fuss.  But for whatever reason, that year was intense, so I thought I’d share my responses to some of their “excellent” questions.  To be honest, I fielded a few of those questions last week, even though we actually had Good Friday off and 4/20 is Easter this year (I feel a little sacrilegious posting this!)

So here you have it, a teacher’s response to 4/20:

Yes, I know what 4/20 is.

Yes, I know we don’t have school that day.

No, I do not believe it was scheduled intentionally.

No, they are not encouraging you to celebrate.

No, I will not be celebrating.

Yes, I think the canine unit will be visiting soon.



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