Man-Eaters of Kumaon

If you’ve never heard of this gem, you are not alone.  Originally published in 1944, this is a collection of true hunting stories by Jim Corbett based on his travels across India.  Hired to track and kill “man-eaters” (lions, leopards, panthers, and tigers who preyed on humans), Mr. Corbett wrote about his adventures and close encounters decades later.

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I originally read this book when I was in high school.  I borrowed the old, worn out copy from my grandfather’s library.  When I brought it home, my dad told me that he, too, had read it when he was in high school.  He thought I’d be bored with it soon, but I could not put it down!  I was fascinated by the exotic locations, names, as well as all the close-calls Mr. Corbett had with vicious man-eaters.

Last semester, as I was looking for a book to read with my English class to finish off the weeks before Christmas break, I remembered this book.  I was a little apprehensive since some of the language used is quite archaic and many of the places and peoples mentioned are completely foreign to my students.  But I was pleasantly surprised!  They loved the book!  They became even more interested when I told them about a movie about man-eating lions (though not based on this book) called “The Ghost and the Darkness” (which we watched as part of our Christmas party).


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