‘Til I’m like almost dead

Student 1: You’re 33? You look like you’re in your 20s.

Me: Nope, I’m 33.

Student 2: Do you have any kids?

Me: Nope.

Student 2 (shocked): What? What if you don’t have kids until you’re 40? You’ll be old when they’re my age!

Student 3: You’ll be 54

Me (impressed by their mental math skills, but can’t get a word in edge-wise)

Student 1: My mom’s 54 now with kids and that’s nasty.

Me: I’m sure she really appreciates you saying that…

Student 2: (kinda sheepish) Yeah…

Student 4: Old people should not have kids. They shouldn’t even have sex.

Me: (Laughing) Well, I think you might think differently when you’re older…

Student 4: (thinks a moment) Yeah, I wanna have sex til I’m like almost dead.


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