Stinking beautiful moment

One afternoon, one of my students needed to take a moment to refocus. He didn’t know it, but I did. So I had him wait in the hallway while I continued the lesson. When I stepped out to check on him, the first thing I noticed was the god-awful smell… then I noticed the mischievous smile. “Aha,” thought I, he knows that I know that he knows, well, you know…

Anyway, I ask him if he can return to class. He didn’t have to answer, he scrambled so fast back into the room…. and he carried the aura with him.

As nonchalantly as possible, I continued teaching on the opposite side of the room and watched as the aroma wafted from one table to another. Suddenly, students perked up, alert, looking around… but miraculously silent. Quizzical glances, but no gag reflexes.

I’ve never been prouder of my class. Why, you ask? No one uttered an inappropriate comment. No one pointed fingers, no one poked fun, or overreacted with insults or profanity.

It was a truly beautiful moment that stunk to high heaven…


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