Love is all around

Backdrop: Last semester, my tutoring group and I were enjoying a few scrumptious Dove chocolates after school. The uplifting message inside my wrapper, “Open your eyes and see the love around you…”

Student 1 (who is always tardy, always): Hey Miss! Ha, look at this!
Me (reading his uplifting message): “‘Sleep in tomorrow!'”
Student 1 (super pleased expression): See??
Me (laughing)
Student 1: You’re the best teacher. When I’m rich, I’m gonna buy you a house!
Me (to Student 2): See, he’s gonna buy me a house… whatcha gonna buy me?
Student 2: Nothing!
Me: Nothing?
Student 2 (reluctantly): Well, I’ll give you a hug.
Me: Only one hug?!
Student 2: But not a full on hug, you know one of those half hugs.
Me: Do you mean a side hug (demonstration)
Student 2 (with a grin): Yep, a side hug.
Me (pretending to ignore Student 2): Well, I opened my eyes and I see the love around me…


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