Study on gracefulness (a BOGO)

What girl is so brilliantly coordinated that she smashed her own foot while closing an iron gate and then jammed the pinkie toe of her other foot trying to get up from the floor?

That girl would be me.

 (…and a few days later…)

Me (making a huge production): So NO ONE is going to ask me why I’m limping around the classroom??

Students (mostly nonchalantly shrugging, only interested in their breakfasts)

Me (loud sighing)

Student 1: OK, Miss what happened…?

Me: It’s a long story…

Student 2: Can we make it our current event?

Me (laughing): No!

Student 2: Why not?

Me: Because I am not newsworthy!!

Student 3: But you are newsworthy to us!



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