The Chair


For a year and a half my classroom was actually a glorified storage closet and I regularly was short chairs.  (Un?)Luckily, there was this wheelchair.  It was rickety and progressively lost bolts, but the students loved it!  Rarely was this gentleman or his buddies late because my policy was “first come, first seated.”  They called it “The Chair.”

It was amazing just how much classroom discipline revolved around The Chair–it afforded the student some mobility, which helped alleviate some anxiety and energy.  Impulsivity won over a few times, but the threat of taking away The Chair was enough to keep them in line most of the time.  It was amazing, actually.  If a student popped a wheelie, wheeled out of the room, or purposely ran into other students, then everyone lost The Chair for the rest of the class period. I rarely got any lasting complaints after wheelchair privileges were lost and most students only required a single warning.

It was a sad day when it finally lost one too many bolts and had to be permanently regulated to the back corner.


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