‘Tis better to have read of travel…

I am a walking advertisement for the powers of technology and medicine.

My life-long dream to time travel is incessantly thwarted. I find the lack of technological advances in this area frustrating. However, without modern medicine I’d be dead in a horrific 19th century middle-class tragedy of disease and work-enduced exhaustion.

I find it incredibly unfair that the pills, shots and vitamins keep me trudging through an existence where my hopes can only be dashed in order to keep me trudging!

If you see a smile on my face, it is because I read. I recognize that this is a rather pathetic germ-sensitive woman’s version of hopping into a time machine, but I gotta take what I can get. As the bard said, tis better to have read of travel than to never have traveled at all.

I should probably sell my books and start investing my money in something more worthwhile… you know, like searching for wormholes, cosmic wrinkles and secret wardrobes.


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