18 Again

I have decided that it is a brilliant idea for me to swap out my current responsibilities with the responsibilities I had when I was 18.

Sure, I worked hard then but I was just in high school and wasn’t allowed to go anywhere anyway, so the me then won’t mind the extra hours of studying! That way, the me now can go out, party, and travel without being held accountable to any of my current burdens (read “burden” as “Masters classes”).

In relinquishing my current responsibilities, I am not, of course forsaking my apartment or my car or my salary… only what is impeding my sense of adventure (read “impeding my sense of adventure” as “Masters classes”).

I am not in denial that in the time it took me to compose this tirade, I could’ve completed some homework; however, I request that you forget I said that so I can continue believing this dream will become reality.


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