Public Service Announcements

Me:… OK guys, it’s time to finish your “I AM” poems…

Student (frantically raising his hand): Miss! Miss!

Me: Yes?

Student: It’s better to smoke cigarettes.

Me: Better than what?

Student (matter of factly): Better than marijuana. I’d rather die of cancer than screw up my head.

Other student (incredulous): Cancer sucks man.

Student (nodding): But cancer doesn’t kill you fast, I’d have plenty of time to live.

Me: Thank you for your honesty, why don’t you put that into your poem?

Student: Ok, cool.

…and later that day, my other class received this public service announcement from yet another enthusiast:

Student: Miss, weed never killed anybody.

Me: Are you sure? Do you know everybody who smokes pot?

Student: Ok, there are no documented cases of weed killing anybody.

Me: Touché.


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