The Illuminati

I’m so tired of the kids blaming the Illuminati for everything.

One day during 1st semester, before we were actually able to compare/contrast Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” with the Annie version of “It’s a Hard Knock Life,” I had to listen to them argue about whether Jay-Z and Beyonce were Satan’s Spawn and Worshippers of the Devil (their words, not mine).

Last year, I attempted to prove my students wrong by a simple Google search; I had no idea that that’s exactly where they got all that crap in the first place. There are no non-conspiracy-theory sites out there. Thank you very much Dan Brown.

Anyway, on that day, I indulged them a little (and by indulge, I mean that I impatiently questioned every single one of their “proofs”) and finally asked them,

“Do you guys want to argue Illuminati or listen to the songs?!”

They answered, “Argue Illuminati!!”

Exasperated, I retorted, “Overruled!”

We listened to the songs and what followed was an awesome class discussion about effects of poverty.

All of this to say, since I’m getting my Masters in something practical (boring as all get out, but very practical), I’ve decided to get my PhD in something completely frivolous — like Illuminati studies. That way, I can completely engage them in these ridiculous debates. A friend has already agreed to photoshop me hugging Jay-Z, what more do I need??


2 thoughts on “The Illuminati”

  1. My kids get caught up on the Illuminati all the time. It’s a good time to bring up how believing everything you hear may not be the best thing to do! It’s so hard though, during my first year I played “Empire State of Mind” and they flipped out. Glad to know this problem exists elsewhere!

    1. Before the end of the year, I tried an entire lesson on appropriate research (specifically trying to debunk illuminati), but it didn’t quite work. It’s weird what they’ll believe and even weirder what can be found on the internet.

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