What if I’d said…

Random Stranger @ IHOP: Whoa! Your hair is so cool, it totally fits your personality!

Me: Oh, have we met before?

RS@IHOP: (Friendly smile) No.

Me: So… we don’t know each other?

RS@IHOP: (Shakier friendly smile) No.

Me: Are you stalking me?

RS@IHOP: (Shocked and appalled) Of course not!

Me: Are you sure you’re not a peeping tom? Rather, a peeping tomina?

RS@IHOP: (Shocked and appalled into silence)

Me: I mean, how else can you know it fits my personality, if we’ve never met and I’ve never talked to you before tonight? Logically it means you’re creeper, you have to admit that.

RS@IHOP: (Whispers as she walks away) Sorry.

Of course, the conversation didn’t actually happen this way. I just smiled and said “thank you” and then when she was gone, I looked at my friend and said, wouldn’t it have been intriguing if I’d said…



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