This past school year for one reason or another three of my seniors had portions of time when they did not have their own laptop, phone, iPod or whatever so they’d beg me to let them listen to music on my computer, iPad, or phone… I’m such a meanie (lie) but I relented (true) and so my iTunes gradually got filled with their music. I didn’t realize it until Spring Break when I wanted to listen to “my” music that I didn’t have it anymore… I had hundreds of songs in various languages, genres, and parental warnings instead. It was awesome! But I have to admit that I did give the boys a really hard time about my missing songs, even though I figured out it was my own fault, but I let them sweat it for a bit (mean, but true).

Anyway, because of these three gentlemen, I’ve rekindled my affection for Eminem and have started listening to a lot more Tech N9ne and this guy… this is actually one of my current favorite songs and the more I listen to it, the more I identify with it.

It will be weird without those boys in my class… and I will really miss their pretty consistent, “Miss, have you heard this song? No? Lemme put it on your iTunes for you…”


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