Just call me Keesha

Me: Do you need a late bus pass?

Student 1 (walking with Student 2): Yes, but she doesn’t.

Me: OK (writing one), here you go.

Student 2: Thanks Keesha.

Me: Wait, what? What’s my name?

Student 1: Your name is Keesha.

Me (geniunely confused): You’ve known me for two years, my name is not Keesha.

Student 2: It’s your Black name, Miss.

Student 1: Yeah, you’re Black on the inside, so your name is Keesha.

Student 2: So we’re going to call you Keesha.

Me (smiling): Am I only Black after school?

Student 2 (very seriously): No, but we’ll call you Mrs. Crumpett during the day.

Me (matching her seriousness): Yeah, I think it’ll be less confusing that way…



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