He ain’t that gangsta

Parent texting me: Did my son stay after school yesterday and today?

My text to her: Yes, he did yesterday and he is today.

Parent texting back: Good, I took the house keys away from him, maybe that will help.

I have to step out of the room to talk to another student, forgetting my phone on the desk next to the keyless student. In mid conversation, I hear my phone receive a text message… I check my phone when I return and realize that “I’d” sent the following text: 

“My” text to her: IDK hes pretty gangsta he does whatever he wants.

Me to student: Dude! You’re the reason I put a lock on my phone!

Student: But there wasn’t a lock on it!

Me: I know! You stopped coming to school, so I took the block off! (I made a frustrated growling noise)

As I’m furiously typing a “that wasn’t me” text back to her, my phone receives a new text message…

Parent text (which I read out loud to him): Tell him, ‘you can be pretty gangsta and pick up the poo outside until I get home.’ LOL

Student: Miss, I ain’t that gangsta.

Me: Point mother, zero student.


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