You’re still talking

you're still talking


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had that expression on my face… or even put my arm on the projector to rest my chin or cheek on my hand just like this, waiting for the class to be quiet because I absolutely refuse to talk over them.  Sometimes they get it, usually I have to wait awhile.  I’d like to say that I go into my “mind palace” and grab a hold of any serenity that is available.  In reality, I’m thinking of my couch and counting the minutes until I can watch The Big Bang Theory re-runs and perhaps sip an adult beverage.


2 thoughts on “You’re still talking

  1. Talking doesn’t bother me as much as the constant cell phone checking. I have a strict ban on them this year…we’ll see how it goes. My school’s policy on cell phones is pretty lax so usage is pretty pervasive. Parents around here demand to remain in constant contact with their children. Annoying.

    1. Yeah, the same is true at my school. I’m amazed at the number of parents who call/text their kids during school hours — and expect their kids to pick up/respond immediately no matter what.

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