The best way…

The best way to stun fellow Labor Day partiers into silence?  When they grin at you and ask, “So, how’s the school year going for you so far?”  Answer them honestly.

We’re overcrowded, past capacity.  We’re actually sending kids to other high schools.  It’s been so hot and for the first week, week and a half the AC was sketchy at best.  One day, it didn’t work at all anywhere in the building; I had a kid walk out of school because it was too hot for him.  My recent graduates seem to be having a competition to see how many can get arrested before September.  All my classes are full, there are no empty desks and my last hour has three boys who do nothing except cause disruptions… and I’m not talking about jokes or playing music too loud.  I don’t live to write kids up, but I have to write 2-6 up a day.  A DAY.

It felt good to get that out there, but then I looked around.  Wide-eyes, slack-jaws.  I took pity on them.

It’s not all bad.  I have a group that stays after school with me most days, but it’s to work on Scholarship essays or applications for leadership organizations.

We all took a collective sigh of relief.  The world is not all bad, right?


2 thoughts on “The best way…

  1. Wow. I give you so much credit. My school is so different than the one you teach in. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do. You seem to be a great fit. 🙂

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