Tripping on air again

Here’s what you missed on Today’s Private Moments with Mrs. Crumpett:

  • I ripped a hole in my pants before school even started.
    •  The silver lining? It makes a workable cellphone pocket.
    • Reality? It’s a really awkward looking pocket that barely holds my cellphone.
  • I body flopped in the driveway at one of my students’ home (I was there to provide homebound services).
    • The silver lining? I skinned my knee without ripping another hole in my pants. That isn’t so much ‘silver lining’ as it is a miracle.
    • Reality? I made it down the steps just fine. I went smoothly over the cracks and gaps in the concrete. Suddenly, I tripped and struggled to maintain balance. I did that three times, but to no avail. My hands got caught up in my schoolbag, so every part of my body connected with the concrete except my face/chin (another miracle!). Of course, there was an audience. I told her I was alright as I limped my way back upright, brushed the dirt off my chest, and turned around to see that there was nothing I could have tripped over. That section of the driveway was completely smooth and obstacle free. Awesome.

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