Student 1: Remember when I used to hate you?

Student 2: (shocked expression, his eyes said ‘how could anyone hate Mrs. Crumpett?’)

Me (laughing): Yeah. Good times, good times.

Student 1 (quizzically): Why did I hate you?

Me: Probably ‘cuz I asked you to stay awake and put your phone away.

Student 1: Yeah, I was crazy then.

Me (Rolling my eyes): Yeah, only crazy then.

Student 2: (laughing)

Me: Remember all those crazy things you used to say to me?

Student 1: Huh?

Me: I used to ask you what you’d do if I died, how you’d survive without me in school. Do you remember what you used to tell me?

Student 1 (nervous laughter): No…

Me: You would tell me that you’d bury my body in the basement and hang me by my hair on the ceiling fan so that you could dance with me forever. And then another time you stuck with the buried body in the basement, but said that you’d take my head on a rollercoaster ride so that I’d have an exciting afterlife.

Student 2 (rolling with laughter): That’s some crazy shit!

Student 1 (smiling): Did I say that? Yeah, I said that.

Student 2: I mean, that’s like Criminal Minds crazy shit.

Me: I know, right? It scared my brother when I told him.

Student 1: You told your brother?

Me: Yeah! I thought it was funny, but he thought I needed to avoid you. He thought you might murder me.

Student 1: (nodding)

Student 2: Yeah, it’s like that Samuel L. Jackson movie. He gets shanked in NYC and then moves to LA and gets cut up there, too.

Me: What movie is that?

Student 2: One Eight Seven, it’s hella old. I think it was made in 1980.

Me: That’s the year I was born!

Student 2 (grinning): Exactly, that’s hella old!


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