Brownies for Anne Frank

After a lengthy conversation about how I am not 53 years old (same age as Mr. Frank) and that I turn 34 on Sunday, this happened in class yesterday:

Me: So, what’s special about Sunday?

Students: Church!

Students: Weekend!

Students: No school!

Students: It’s fall!

Exasperated student: It’s your birthday.

Me (rolling eyes): Finally! Anyway.. so on Friday, before the homecoming parade, I plan to bring brownies and we can eat those while we journal.

Students: (Clapping, very excited about snacks in class)

Me: Alright, alright, we all love brownies — so, let’s not do anything in class that will make me not want to make them, OK?

Students: (All nod in fervent agreement)

Me: For the next few days, I need you to make sure you’re not acting foolish because on Friday, we want to eat brownies in honor of…? (paused for them to answer)

Students: Homecoming!

Students: The Weekend!

Students: Uh, Anne Frank?

Me (shaking my head): Really?!


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