A quick shout-out

A quick shout out to the cute construction worker dude with a beard driving a big black truck out in the middle of small-town Midwest.

I don’t really blame you for speeding up, and slowing down… speeding up, and slowing down… I’m sure my car dancing was wildly entertaining… but after about the third time, it might be a good idea to smile back. Just looking at me expressionless was a little anti-climatic.

I fully understand that my smile is dazzling and my in-the-car dance moves are amazing, so perhaps you were so enthralled that’s all you could manage.

Yes, I prefer that theory over the one where you’re a raging sociopath whose murderous tendencies were triggered by my off the chain choreography to 50’s on 5.

However, if the latter is true: I am relieved that you got off at an exit while we were still a hundred miles away from home, though worried you may target someone else, and peeved that of course you’re a sociopath. (I hope you didn’t memorize my license plate.)


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