The Bathroom Pass Ruse

So as I was walking past the girls bathroom, one of my seniors emerged looking confused:

Her (head cocked to one side): Hi Miss.

Me: Good morning, are you alright?

Her (slowly): Yeah… I lost my bathroom pass.

Me: Are you sure?

Her (more confused): Yeah, it’s not where I put it.  It’s this big wooden plank that has Mrs. ——‘s on it.  I know I brought it in, but I left it on the sink when I went into the stall…

Me: That’s weird.

Her (Nodding): Will you help me look for it?

I follow her back into the bathroom, then suddenly I grabbed her arm:

Me (faked worried-horrified expression): Wait! You’re not using this as a ruse to beat me up in the bathroom, are you?!

Her (mortified): NO! Why would I– (then she saw my smile and chuckled weakly)


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