1 week notice

Student (very dramatically): I can’t go to class. I hate that class. I’m going to stay here with you.

Me: Sorry kiddo, you have to go. The bell rang.

Student (practically vice-gripping my chair): I can’t go, I won’t make it.

Me: There’s only 2 weeks left of school, kiddo, you can do anything for 2 weeks.

Student: I can only do 1 week, Miss.

Me: Well, there are 2 weeks left…

(Student goes to class)

Other teacher (of the hated class who’d heard the whole conversation): You know, there are actually 3 weeks left.

Me (nodding): Yup, but since he can’t even make it 1 week, I figure telling him there are 2 left is no big deal.

Other teacher: Yeah, that last week only has 4 days so it doesn’t count.

Me (grinning): Exactly!


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