You haven’t had ‘a day’ until…

I went through the haphazard “journal” I kinda-sorta kept last year and came across this gem, entitled “You haven’t had a day until…”  I was so cute back then, ha!

You haven’t had ‘a day’ until…

You’ve experienced about 15 minutes of 2 students trying to trick me into thinking that “someone else” was making all these random comments (literally shouting out words like “Teriyaki”).  One of them vehemently argued in defense of violent video games by stating that Hitler would have won the war, had been winning the war, and should have won the war but died too early. I (of course) stupidly engaged him in this flight of fancy for a few minutes before I gave up and moved on…  He did not.

This was followed by a class period of students who never let me finish a statement and always ask a question based on what I’m about to say…

This was followed by a class period where about ten kids all started talking to me at once, so I threw my hands up in frustration and begged, “Please! Only one voice at a time!!” To which one of the most up-tight and anger-filled students I’ve ever met said to me, “You need to chill out, Mrs. Crumpett.”



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