Isn’t it ironic?!

Me: So, where did you go instead of 4th hour last week?

Student: I got lost.

Me: You mean you went home?

Student: Of course not, Miss–(answers his phone)

Me: (annoyed expression, furious hand-gestures to put phone away)

Student: (waves at me and goes into the storage closet he calls “My Office”)

Me: (follows him into his “Office”)

Student: … yes, area code ###. Thank you, goodbye.

Me: (hands thrown up in the universal “What are you doing?!” way)

Student: It was Iowa. Ashley skipped again.

Me: What?!

Student: (slightly judging tone) I keep getting these calls from some school in Iowa. A girl named Ashley skips all the time. ALL the TIME, Miss.

Me: She sounds like you, dude.

Student: (laughing, shaking his head) I know, I know… I skip a lot, but she skips ALL THE TIME!

Me: (Laughing so hard, it takes me a minute to give my witty retort.)

Me: So… now you know how your mom would feel if she got the calls from school, instead of you being home to delete them before she gets home, eh?

Student (He wouldn’t look at me, but grinned as he rolled his eyes at the floor)


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