The other morning, my co-teacher commented that it sounded like I was getting better (I’ve been battling sinus-grossness for about two weeks). I agreed, it was nice to be able to breathe again, but I was still having trouble sleeping due to the steroids I was on.

“Steroids?!” one student (who was eaves dropping) gasped.

“This shouldn’t be news to you, kiddo, I’ve been complaining about this for awhile.” I said, as I looked disapprovingly at him over my glasses.

“Well, you know Mrs. Crumpett really wants to bulk up.” My co-teacher said with a smirk.

This got the whole class snickering, but the first student still didn’t get it.

So I laughed, mock-flexed my biceps, deepened my voice and said: “Yeah, my motto has always been ‘manliness is next to godliness.'” Ha!


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