Math Relays

So, I proctored Math Relays. It was great, it was fun. But I quickly realized exactly why I was not meant to teach Middle School.

One moment, though, was completely awesome:

<Student at Math Relays = SMR>

SMR1: (Talking smack to his partner)

SMR2: Oh, shut up!

SMR1: (horrified, looks at me) Miss! He just told me to shut up!

SMR3: (pretends to call 9-1-1) Yes? (pause) 9-1-1 Operator? (pause) Well, we need your assistance. One kid just told another kid to ‘shut up.’ (pause) Right, thanks.

<classroom is a twitter with giggles>

SMR3: So yeah, the 9-1-1 operator said to grow up and finish your tests.

Me: (smiling) So let’s move on, folks!


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