Anger Problems

Student: Miss, will you help me with this? (hands me a Police Cadet application, points to the ‘Your Strengths’ section)

Me: Sure!

Student: I don’t know what to put here…

Me: Well, you have good people skills, have a good work ethic… what else are your strengths?

Student: Um, I don’t have as bad anger problems anymore…

Me: OK, let’s make it sound like you don’t have anger problems, k?

Student: (laughing)

Me: What about, ‘Calm under pressure’?

<We fill out the rest of his application, and at the end I picked up papers from the printer…>

Me: (kind of yelling, slammed papers on the table) WHAT THE HECK?! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Student: (Starring, stunned for a moment)

Me (still kind of yelling): Ugh!! Everything printed “Landscape” instead of “Portrait” and so took up twice as much paper. I HATE THIS COMPUTER!

Student: (Now trying to smother laughter)

Me (with a quirked brow): Yeah, I don’t have anger problems, either!


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