Thanks for keeping me safe

At the end of the day today, I really had to pee and I wanted to make it there before class got out because that’s always a madhouse… so I booked it down the hallway and rushed into the bathroom only to be greeted by three of my seniors who were obviously just chilling. I’m still walking fast, but was visibly surprised to see them.

Me: Um, hello ladies.
In unison (very cheerfully): Hi Mrs. Crumpett!
Me: Sooo… What are you doing?
Student 1: Just waiting for class to get out.
Me: You are not supposed to be in here.
Student 2: We know…

But they wouldn’t leave, and I didn’t have time to usher them out first, so…

Me (rushing into the stall): Well, this isn’t awkward at all…
Student 3 (very politely): Oh, would you like us to turn the water on for you?

Someone turned on the faucet.

We ended up having a very detailed conversation about how hot the water was today (water is still running). This is big news as it’s usually ice cold.

Me (now washing my hands): I’m so glad you stayed in here with me, making sure I have warm water, and keeping me safe from being jumped by thugs.
In unison: (laughter)


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