My seniors finally figured out that I have tattoos (they’re not that well hidden)… it’s nice to know my faith in their observation skills are not misplaced. I really hope I never choke or have a seizure in their presence. I’ll probably just get yelled at for not hearing their demand for bathroom passes.

When one young lady found out that I planned to add to the ink until it becomes a sleeve, she gave me a solemn warning:

Student: You know it’s permanent, right?

Me: Yep.

Student: You know you’ll have it when you’re old, right?

Me: Mmm hmm.

Student: I mean, when you’re really old [she gestured to her arm and mimicked saggy skin] it will still be there.

Me: I know. I’ve thought this through, kiddo.

Student (relieved): I plan to get one as soon as I graduate (and then she described this elaborate design idea for her shoulder and back)

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