The price of fame…

I knew it was just a matter of time before my school life intruded in my private life, but after three years of relative anonymity, the last few days were rather shocking…

On Tuesday, I ordered from my favorite take-out place and opened my door to… a former student. I was fully dressed, but not exactly looking my best and as we were chatting he totally scoped out my apartment over my shoulder and asked “So, do you live alone?” I admit that I checked my chimney out before I went to bed lol.

And then today I went through their drive through and guess who was working the window? He yelled, “ARE YOU STALKING ME?!” To which I replied, “You know, I used to really love this place, but now that I know you are working here…” He laughed and said, “Whatever. I know where you live… you better start sleeping with one eye open!” And my witty retort? “Thanks for bringing it back to a creepy place, dude.”

He yelled, “YOU’RE WELCOME” and then walked away from the window, but I could hear part of his convoluted explanation to his co-workers, “She was one of my teachers…”

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