Interesting choice

You missed 34 consecutive days of school, but you’re going to come today and just sit there and play on your phone?


Mustache you a question

Found this on Facebook recently. It reminds me of my first year as a para.

I was sitting next to a freshman, explaining something from English class. It seemed like he was listening intently and so at the end, when I asked “Do you have any questions?” I was expecting a “no.” Instead he said, “You have a mustache.”


her mustache

Public Nudity

Student 1 (reluctantly turning in his phone for a bonus point): I feel so naked!

Me: That’s the only kind of public nudity I’m comfortable with.

Student 1 (absolutely horrified): MRS. CRUMPETT?!!??!

Me: (eye brows raised with incredulous expression)

Student 2: (Sighing, to Student 1) Man, just think about it for a minute…