No it doesn’t…

As I’m walking down the stairs, I came across two students in the hallway that I knew were supposed to be in class…

Me: Alright gentlemen, let’s move on to class…

Students: Why?!

Me: ‘Cuz you know you’re not supposed to be in the hallway!

{one student, wisely, returns to class, the other did not}

Student (taking a few steps up to be closer to me): But I’m not in the hallway, I’m here talking to you!

Me: But don’t you think you should be in YOUR class talking with YOUR teacher?

Student: You take all the fun out of everything!

Me (very sympathetically): I know, “taking the fun out of everything” is my middle name…

Student (nodding in agreement): But it’s not your first name.

Me: Oh yeah?

Student: Yeah, your first name is Mrs. Crumpett.

Me (laughing): That’s my last name, kiddo…

Student (as he’s walking away): Yeah, Mrs. Crumpett because your name has “fun” in it.


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