Driving home

Today as I’m stopped at a red light, one of my students (A) crossed the street directly in front of me. He didn’t notice me, so I gave a little honk. He was startled, realized it was me, gave me a scowl and then continued to walk. As he was almost to the sidewalk, he flipped me off.

I was shocked and then thought, ‘Gee kiddo, way to not piss off someone who could run you over!’

Then I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw another of my students (B) hanging out of the passenger side of the car behind me. He and (A) are always slinging insults at each other and today was no different.

Then I noticed (B)’s mother stoically staring forward, gripping the steering wheel, pretending none of this was happening and imagining herself anywhere but there, ha!


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