Graduation Date

Me: Alright, so your first goal should be “I will graduate” and include the year.
Student 1: When do I graduate?
Me: 2018. I think I’m going to graduate in 2020.
Student 2: Wait, you haven’t graduated?
Me (with a smile): Nope, I’m graduating in 3 years.
Student 2: Wait, so you didn’t graduate from high school?!
Student 3: Dude, are you serious?
Student 2: So, I could like just get a GED–
Student 3: Man, are you kidding?
Student 2: I could just walk into a classroom and start teaching?
Me: Yes.
Student 3 (rolling his eyes): Man, you know she’s being sarcastic!
Student 2: That’s all the education I need?!
Student 3: OH MY GOD!
Me (to at least one set of deaf ears): Guys, I graduated in 1999.


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