Down in Africa

Student: I want to go to South Africa to see where I’m from.
Me: Are you sure your ancestors are from there?
Student: Well, I’m African American…
Me: (slowly) Africa is a big place, hon.
Student: I’ve tried doing that clicking language.
Me: (raised eyebrows)
Student: (made up clicking language)
Me: You just made that up.
Student: Yeah, I tried it on a couple of people that I thought were from Africa, but no one responded.
Me: (surprised laugh) Dude, that’s kinda rude… AND you do know that there are MANY languages spoken in Africa, right?!
Student: (pondering face)
Me: Before you make an expensive trip, maybe you should start with a DNA test…
Student (“that’s a good idea” look on his face)
Me: When I got my DNA tested, I discovered I’m <1% North African–
Student (practically shouting): You’re Not Black!
Me (dripping with sarcasm): Wow. I had no idea. I’ve lived these 30 odd years of my life not knowing I wasn’t black, but now–now that I’ve met you–I’m so glad you came into my life to give me this revelation.


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