Who is Mrs. Crumpett?

Student: “Miss, no one helped me when you were gone!”
Me: “Did you ask for help?”
Student: “No”
Me: “Well, you have to ask for help!”
Student: “Ok, thanks Mrs. Crumpett.”
Me: “Who’s Mrs. Crumpet?”
Student: “You, miss!”
Me: “No, that’s not my name…?!”
Student: “Yes, it is!”
Me: “No, hon, I think I know my name and it’s not Crumpett!”
Student: “Then what is it?”
Me: “Miss [My Real Name].”
Student: “Oh, that doesn’t sound like Crumpett!”
Me: “I know!!”

I’ve been known by many names; some not all that polite.  I even had a middle schooler call me Mrs. Banana for entire semester — but I am still Mrs. Crumpett to the young man above.  I had to show him two forms of I.D. before he realized his error, but he’s never called me anything else.  He graduates next year and I’m a little scared (and let’s face it, not-so-secretly pleased) that he’s going to yell “Hi Mrs. Crumpett!” as he walks across the stage.

Speaking of I.D.’s…  If you know who I am, who I really am, I ask you to keep it to yourself.  Like Mathnet, “The names are made up, but the problems are real” so please help me to protect everyone’s privacy. I thank you and my students thank you.


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