The Conversation

Two kids have joined me for lunch. It was pretty noisy in the room, so I’m not sure I caught the whole conversation, but I think I captured the spirit of it:

Student 1: (belching softly, not into the face of Student 2) Excuse me.
Student 2 (angry): THAT’S DISGUSTING!
Student 1 (a little hurt): I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.
Student 2 (angrier): GET AWAY FROM ME!
Student 1 (surprised): What? I said ‘excuse me!’


The Importance of Attendance

And to end the night… the most boring part of teaching on the first day is giving the same speech to every class. “Be on time. Be respectful. Do your work” etc.

But what made the first day of school awesome was one of my juniors spiced up my monologue on attendance by firmly announcing (preaching, really) to the class “Don’t disrespect yourself by being late. We’re here to learn!”

Danny Trejo: Sober 46 Years and Giving Back | AARP

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook today and I struck by the transparency and sincerity in this short video clip. I was marginally familiar with Mr. Trejo’s past, but had no idea that he has been so committed to helping others recover. With statements like, “Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else…” and “Education is the key to anything you want to do,” one cannot help but be inspired! And if you’re like me – a little saddened by your students’ involvement in the violence of drugs, alcohol, and gangs – you will be uplifted (right as school is beginning to start: the perfect time for inspiration)!