Keepin’ it Retro

Every other week we do a song analysis. I have a jar that students can submit songs anonymously and I choose a song at random.

So far in 10 weeks, we haven’t analyzed any songs in this decade, and only one from this century…

I drew another song this morning and, are you ready for this?, tomorrow we will be analyzing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

I couldn’t help myself. I laughed. I laughed for a long time.

The student shrugged his shoulder and with wide eyes said, “What? I like old songs!”

I {heart} this class!!


Today’s edition of “10 minutes I’ll never get back”

I spoke at length with one of my sophomores who shared with me that he was almost arrested yesterday. He said he was going to fight another young man for calling him “short.” He said he needed the other boy to know he wasn’t weak. I asked him (understand that he is 5 foot 1 inch of pure machismo) if he planned to fight everyone who called him “short.” He adamantly assured me that he would because no one can “talk shit” and get away with it. I asked him if he knew how much energy it would take to fight all these people, but he didn’t care. They need to know he’s not weak.

Steroid High

Today was awesome! No sarcasm intended.  The kids acted right and if they didn’t, I couldn’t notice because I’m on a steroid high thanks to my perennial sinus/bronchial crap as well as a new batch of weird allergic reactions.  Hello hives!  Anyway… the kiddos who know me well thought it was pretty hysterical (laughing with me, of course) since I’m pretty sure I kept repeating “I just can’t focus on this…” and “Am I yelling at you?! It sounds like I’m yelling…”