R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me

<students talking over me>

Me: Please stop talking.

<students continue to talk over me>

Me: You’re being disrespectful!

<students keep talking over me>

Me: Helllloooooooooo!?

<students start to end their conversation>

Me (oozing with sarcasm): Thank you for talking over me. I feel so respected right now.

Student A (very confused, but sincere): You’re welcome.

<a few start to laugh, but stop at my glare>

Student B (nicely, to Student A): She was being sarcastic.


Game of LIFE!

When you want to make LIFE more realistic for the kids lol…

The science teacher and I created “spaces” using sticky notes and decided to expand the game to fit the entire conference table.

We wanted to expand the “normal” game of life to include more real life events, as well as try to show the kids how some of their dream careers (e.g. dancers, DJs, etc.) might not be as lucrative as they thought. That said, I did include living in a tree house and yours truly did end up as a doctor with a Hummer living in a shack (after my spouse left me), so realistic maybe not so much, haha!

Bottom line, this was a lot of fun to create as well as execute. The kids had fun, used some math skills, and we will definitely be playing this again!

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