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Teaching Middle School Problem #47

“OMG! Grow up, gentlemen. The word is ‘come.’ C-O-M-E. It means to move in a certain direction. Let’s move on!”


It was a Good Day

You know you’ve arrived when in the space less than 8 hours:

One student refers to you as “a middle aged math teacher who needs to use bath bombs to relax after a long day of teaching.” #sciencefairpresentation


Another student, who just told me she’s suspended for two days (including first day of finals), said “Wow, you got angrier than my parents!” #tutoringwin

Teaching Middle School is going to be the death of me

Student 1: Miss, have you ever kissed a boy?

Me (hanging my head): What does this have to do with math?!?!?

Student 2 (forcefully): Of course she has! She’s a grown ass woman! She’s kissed hundreds of boys!!

Me: Whoa there…

Student 2 (still forcefully): Why you always up in her business anyway?? Worry about yourself!!

Me: What he said…!