The Day that Will Live in Infamy

Today’s bonus question was, “What happened on this day in 1941?”

One young man excitedly shouted out, “Your birthday!!!”

The rest of the class pointed out that would put me in my 70s.

He thought I looked pretty good for my age.



Bad Smells

Reason #157 that having a house is awesome:

Smells do not linger.

In the apartment, if my pup had an accident, I knew THE SECOND I walked in the door.

Today, I didn’t realize he’d had diarrhea until I’d stepped in it and tracked it through two other rooms. 🤦‍♀️

P.S. This may actually be a result of the fact that I teach Middle School. How is that related, you ask? They fart. Constantly. Viciously. Pungently. I think my 2nd hour has singed my nose to the extent that my sense of smell is impaired.

Do I smell a work man’s comp case? I can’t tell lolol

God is not dead

Today was a first for me. So I’ll add another first and post a not-so-heartwarming teaching story from my morning:

The “first” wasn’t when I was called a “fucking bitch.”

Nope, it wasn’t being called a “fucking bitch” a dozen times.

It wasn’t when I asked him what made me a “fucking bitch,” was it because I expect my students to do their work and talk respectfully?

Not when I asked, “Do you come to school just to call me names?”

It wasn’t even the “threat” of having a bunch of pencils thrown at my eye.

You guessed it, it was when I was told to “burn in hell.”

I said, “I don’t think that’s your call…. unless you’re God. Are you God? No? Yeah… I didn’t think God was a 15 year old.”

And then he had nothing to say.

The Art Teacher’s Name

Student: Mrs. Crumpett, I can’t remember the art teacher, “Sam’s,” first name.

Me: 🤦‍♀️

Student: (still waiting for me to answer)

Me: (slowly) “Sam’s” name is “Sam.” Would you also like the phone number for 9-1-1?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me

<students talking over me>

Me: Please stop talking.

<students continue to talk over me>

Me: You’re being disrespectful!

<students keep talking over me>

Me: Helllloooooooooo!?

<students start to end their conversation>

Me (oozing with sarcasm): Thank you for talking over me. I feel so respected right now.

Student A (very confused, but sincere): You’re welcome.

<a few start to laugh, but stop at my glare>

Student B (nicely, to Student A): She was being sarcastic.

Game of LIFE!

When you want to make LIFE more realistic for the kids lol…

The science teacher and I created “spaces” using sticky notes and decided to expand the game to fit the entire conference table.

We wanted to expand the “normal” game of life to include more real life events, as well as try to show the kids how some of their dream careers (e.g. dancers, DJs, etc.) might not be as lucrative as they thought. That said, I did include living in a tree house and yours truly did end up as a doctor with a Hummer living in a shack (after my spouse left me), so realistic maybe not so much, haha!

Bottom line, this was a lot of fun to create as well as execute. The kids had fun, used some math skills, and we will definitely be playing this again!

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