Quote of the Day

I like your hair today, Miss. {pause} It looks like man’s hair and woman’s hair. {pause for critical appraisal of my hair} It looks good.


Like Michael Jackson…

Me: “…you know, I’m white.”

Student 1 (joking): “No, Miss, you’re black.”

Me (sarcastically): “Of course!”

Student 2 (eyes wide): “You’re black, Miss?”

Student 1 (won’t let me speak): “Yes, she is! Can’t you tell!?”

Student 2 (sympathetically): “Oh. You have a skin disease like Michael Jackson…”

You know what’s fun?

Blasting “A Little Less Conversation” on repeat just so I gesture to random passing cars: ‘Come on, come on Come on, come on…’ and then wildly head bob and arm dance through ‘Don’t procrastinate/don’t articulate/Girl it’s getting late/gettin’ upset waitin’ around… ‘Just so I can scream out (raising my hands with 🤘🤘) ‘OWWW!!’


But do you know what’s *really* fun?

Spending two full school days with the same 20 freshmen. Half the time we will be testing, half the time I will be desperately holding onto my sanity.