They’re so attentive

Student 1: I’m sorry, I didn’t do the homework.

Rest of class: We had homework?!

Me: 😒Also me: I told you on Monday that if you didn’t finish it, then it was homework. I also posted it on Google Classroom.

Inattentive student: WE HAD HOMEWORK?!

Me: 🤦‍♀️

Also me: Guys. I told you on Monday. This unit is not easy. You will need to practice the concepts on your own time if you want to actually understand how to solve the problems and also pa—

Student 2: What’s a viola?!

Me: 😒


I’ll Just Catch covid

Student: (upset about a grade she received from a sub while I was gone)

Me: I’m sorry, kiddo, but I’m not changing it…

Student: But it’s not fair! If you hadn’t been gone, I wouldn’t have lost points!!

Me: You’re right. I thought to myself, how can I screw your grade? Oh yeah, I’ll just catch Covid. That’ll teach her!

Student: Yeah! Why’d you do that??

Me: 🤦