Birthday Gift

“Wow, thank you for finally doing a math problem!! Tomorrow’s my birthday and I feel like I just got an early present!”

“You’re mean, Miss.”

“Yes, yes I am.”


Ratted Out

Student: Miss, I saw one of your students yesterday.

Me: You’ll have to be more specific.

Student: The one that got in a fight the other day.

Me: Ok…?

Student: He was on my street at like 1 o’clock.

Me: Hmmm.

Student: Shouldn’t he be in class?

Me: (raised eyebrow)

Student: Touché, Miss. Touché.

Sense of Humor a Must

Years ago I was desperate for a job. Finally one day, I got a job notice from a headhunter.

“We wanted to notify you immediately about a new job posting that may fit your interest and skill set.” I’m excited, ooh a teaching job! Yay! Then I read on: “[City, State]. Experienced Clown Wanted!”

Say what?! Haha…

Don’t believe me? Just Watch!

I played this video last week so my kiddos could see some “old time” dancing. I knew they’d like it, but I didn’t anticipate how much… especially two of my more hard-core young men…

Student 1: Miss, back in the day, it was all about footwork, wasn’t it? Whoa, was that Laurel and Hardy?!

Student 2 (to the class, with considerable passion): Her name was not Annie! You know, that was Shirley Temple! She began dancing when she was like three years old… Miss, do you know what happened to her Dad? I think he was her manager…